About Us

Demaria Electric customers include refineries in the petrochemical industry, Container Terminals in the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Water Municipalities, Power Generation Stations, and Pipelines to name a few. We have developed great relationships with these customers due to the continual growth and adaptation to their needs and standards. Demaria Electric encourages an open door policy to any customer large or small to stop in and check on the status of their motors. Most customers prefer to witness electrical testing, while other customers like to witness refurbishments from start to finish.
Demaria Electric is always on the forefront of the materials and testing specifications, due to ongoing developments in the electric motor repair industry. Motors that do not show obvious signs of winding damaged are steam cleaned and baked in an EPA compliant oven maintaining 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The motors are tested using the latest NETA (National Electrical Testing Association) maintenance standards along with IEEE 522 motor testing standards. The results are taken and recorded using a Baker Motor Analyzer. All test results are reviewed by our in house Electrical Engineer and NETA level 3 test technician. We use the highest-grade Nano Shield wire that is rated for high stresses due to high transient voltages produced by IGBT type inverters. Every rewound motor is put through a VPI (vacuum pressure impregnation) process with a 100% Von Roll #74041 epoxy varnish coating.
The rotor is balanced below API (American Petroleum Institute) Specification, 4W/N with our in house Schenck Cab 920 balancer. Bearing housings and shaft dimensional checks are made and recorded of each motor for proper diametrical clearances and room for thermal growth. Demaria Electric has a complete machine shop and employs two full time machinists, so any machining can be performed without delays. All bearings installed during the assembly process are manufactured from either SKF or NTN. Our inhouse vibration engineer using SKF software and a Blanchard ground base tuned to 8500 db assists in making each motor ready for service when delivered to the customer. With these steps listed above Demaria Electric has been able to reduce the cost of motor maintenance with most every customer. This has been shown by the increased duration in which motors need to be pulled for service and by the decrease in failures.
Demaria Electric Motor Services Inc. is a company that prides itself on the product that is produced within its walls and, with investing in the employees and family, we plan on many years of continued successful service.