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A Sample Of Our Services

Engineering and Coil Redesign

With our in house Electrical Engineer and the support of EASA engineers and programs, Demaria Electric is able to engineer and design windings for higher starting torque or horsepower.  All coil designs are calculated through an EASA certified computer program.

Computerized Core Loss Testing

Core loss testing is a vital step in the rewind process.  Every core is tested with our Phenix CL-125 to ensure the watts per pound ratio is adequate for the cooling process as the motor is running.  Inadequate cooling will cause damage to the windings and shorten life expectancy.

VPI System

Our Vacuum Pressure Impregnation system contains 100% Von Roll #74041 epoxy varnish.  Our system is computer controlled and recorded to validate the process.  The varnish is tested by an independent lab monthly for insulation value and  contaminants.

D.C. Motors and Generators

Capabilities include rewinding D.C. shunt fields, series fields, interpoles, and armatures.  All coils are manufactured in-house and tested to the latest EASA specifications.  All commutators are turned and undercut using our state of the art CAM Innovation undercutter.

Vibration Spectrum Analysis

Every motor is tested by our Vibration Engineer prior to shipment.  Using the SKF Multilog IMx-S 24 bit analog digital converter with a dynamic range of 120 dB we are able ensure the motor integrity upon shipment.  With 20+ years of historical data we are able to compare spectrums of individual motors over its service life.

Balancing to API Specifications

Using our Schenck Cab 920 balancer, all rotating equipment is balanced below API (American Petroleum Institute) Specifications.  Our technicians are trained and certified by Schenck University.  Our unit is certified and calibrated every year by a Schenck certified technician.

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